The Neighborliness Center commissions interdisciplinary research projects from scholars, policymakers, practitioners, and advocates to explore biblical justice. Strategic partnership with multiple universities across the country produces a unique blend of sociological and theological research. The natural result of loving God and neighbors compels us to address matters of inequality in our communities.


The Neighborliness Center strategically partners with lawmakers, policymakers, practitioners, and advocacy groups to address laws that have negatively impacted people of color and high-poverty communities. Sociological and theological research creates a strong foundation to build effective advocacy initiatives that inspire, change, and restore communities.


The body of Christ has every gift needed to realize the beautiful vision of biblical justice. The Neighborliness Center designs practical frameworks for churches and organizations to begin and sustain their journey toward becoming reconciling communities.

Our work begins with entry-level conversations about racial and economic justice. The work continues by empowering the body of Christ to use their spiritual, vocational, and relational gifts to bring healing their communities.

Our Story

The Neighborliness Center works to see the kingdom of God established in your city as it is in Heaven.

The idea came to me in the middle of the night in February 2021. I had recently completed a cross-country book tour after the release of my first book, Neighborliness. I spent countless hours with pastors, business and nonprofit leaders, and people from every imaginable background across thirty different states.

I was teaching, preaching, and consulting around the topic of biblical justice. The main theme that I continued to hear was that people were really into the book (which explored finding the beauty of God across dividing lines), but they wanted to know how to practically engage in their community.

Around 4am, I began to imagine an organization that helped churches, businesses, and organizations practically pursue biblical justice in their cities. My doctoral program taught me that complex problems can be addressed if you can build a practical framework.

I started a pot of coffee and pulled out my journal and let my imagination run wild. My experience as a local church pastor helped me understand the pressures that pastors face when trying to address racial and economic division in their churches. My experience with business and nonprofit leaders helped me to understand the needs of organizational leaders and their desire to do the right thing while having various perspectives on their team.

The framework came together quickly:
research, policy, and design.

We are excited to help people across the world see the kingdom of God established in their city as it is in Heaven.

I hope you will join us.

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