Loving God and Neighbors.

Jesus said the greatest expression of faith is to love God and neighbors with equal passion (Mark 12:28-34). The Neighborliness Center exists to bring meaningful, measurable, and sustainable change to communities through academic research, advocating for fair policies, and designing practical frameworks for churches and organizations to pursue biblical justice.


The Neighborliness Center commissions interdisciplinary research projects from scholars, policymakers, practitioners, and advocates to explore biblical justice. Strategic partnership with multiple universities across the country produces a unique blend of sociological and theological research. The natural result of loving God and neighbors compels us to address matters of inequality in our communities.


The Neighborliness Center strategically partners with lawmakers, policymakers, practitioners, and advocacy groups to address laws that have negatively impacted people of color and high-poverty communities. Sociological and theological research creates a strong foundation to build effective advocacy initiatives that inspire, change, and restore communities.


The body of Christ has every gift needed to realize the beautiful vision of biblical justice. The Neighborliness Center designs practical frameworks for churches and organizations to begin and sustain their journey toward becoming reconciling communities.

Our work begins with entry-level conversations about racial and economic justice. The work continues by empowering the body of Christ to use their spiritual, vocational, and relational gifts to bring healing their communities.

Creating pathways to equal opportunity for all neighbors.


Finding the beauty of God across dividing lines
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Jesus’ simple command to love God and neighbors can feel overwhelming when our neighbor looks and lives differently than we do. Racial and economic tensions across the country have resulted in deep dividing lines that can be intimidating to cross.

Neighborliness is a practical guide to bridging those dividing lines and learning to recognize and amplify the beauty of God in our communities.


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