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My prayer is that the end of this book would be the beginning of the conversation.

Our relationship with Jesus begins as an inward journey that naturally leads to exploring how our faith is expressed in the context of community. I encourage you to share the next part of this journey with a group of friends.

The following resources are suggestions on how to organize conversations for small groups, churches, and citywide sermon series. I am hopeful that this book will give you tools to have meaningful conversations that lead to new friendships as you find the beauty of God across dividing lines.

– Dr. David Docusen

Neighborliness Sermon Series

These resources will give you everything you need to do a Neighborliness teaching series in your church, organization, or group. You can view the messages on this website, or click the download button to receive the hi-resolution video that can be played for large gatherings. Additionally, David can record sermons specifically for your church if you are still not meeting in-person. 

Click the link below to download the sermon slides and series branding graphics. Feel free to design the teaching series any way that fits where the Spirit is leading your church or group.

David regularly travels speaking and teaching. Click here if you want to request a speaking date. Click here to visit David’s ministry website, 

Blessings to you and your team as you share the message of neighborliness in your community! 


Group Discussion Guide

The following PDF documents are found in the back of the book. This document is intended for people that have purchased the audiobook or Kindle version, or anyone that wants to print them out for group discussions and take notes.

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